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Lead Generation Specialist
SMW Elevated Perspective Marketing Services

  • Job Posted Date : 2018-10-30 17:28:59
  • Job Reference : J720995024848685

Job Information

  • Industry : Sales / Marketing / Merchandising
  • Job Position : Lead Generation Specialist

job descriptions:

    This position is responsible for providing excellent service to our valued U.S.customers. As a Lead Generation you will be responsible for building relationships with our customers. This role will involve making outbound or inbound calls, in order to transfer interested perspectives to our clients. MAIN DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Making a pro-active attempt to maximize the transfer of quality leads Make outbound calls and reach daily goals Be respectful and kind to your co workers Abide by and perform to the best of your abilities all functions, duties and responsibilities to be assigned by the Company in due course; Comply with the orders and instructions given from time to time by the Company through its authorized representatives; Perform any other administrative or non-administrative duties as assigned by any representative of the Company from time to time either through direct written order or by oral assignment.

Job synopsis

  • Salary : 16000
  • Years of Experience : 0
  • Work Location : Luzon | NCR, Quezon City
  • Benefits: Government Mandated Benefits
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  • Job Status: OPEN

Company Information

  • Company Address : 28th Floor IBM Plaza Building, Eastwood Ave., Quezon City
  • Contacts : 09493672313
  • Company Info : Elevated Perspective Marketing is a lead generation and marketing company with 25 years of experience. Our expertise in outbound marketing, customizing campaigns to the client’s needs, and executing lightning quick lead transfers makes us a valuable partner for businesses looking to generate more sales in any vertical.

How To Apply

Process of HIRING : 1.Send updated resume at 2. Wait for the Human Resources Department/ Hr Specialist to evaluate and call you if you pass the Initial Assessment 3. Schedule Interview and Basic Exam then if candidate pass the Initial Interview, will go straight for Final Interview 4. Then HR will give you the requirements, give you 2 days to accomplished all the requirements and schedule you for Training. 5. 15 days Training - Lecture and actual performance on the floor
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